It was rigged. Republican stupidity was inevitable.

Date:2021-01-06 15:40:22
In Reply To:Telling your supporters it's rigged doesn't help. Who knew? (nt) by Nosferatwo
The rules were changed to make vote harvesting effectively legal, but, once again, Republicans were too afraid to go into black neighborhoods and talk with real people and harvest their votes.

Instead they stuck with the other failed plan of banging the table and yelling "not fair!", "rigged!" and "we hate change!"

The changes to simplify voting to increase participation and enfranchisement will be permanent. Eventually all the states will wake up and do likewise. If the Republicans don't learn how to play in the new game, then they will lose everything forever.

The old days of counting on low voter turnout in non-marquis elections by everyone except for old, scared, change hating racists is over. Making it hard to vote with complicated registration and election day rules was never a good look. Whining about fixing it is even worse.
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