I support legally challenging vote counts; I don't support attacking democracy & fomenting division using McCathyism

Date:2020-11-21 15:24:27
Edited:2020-11-21 15:26:50
In Reply To:Re: ... so about Trump's attempts to form an autocracy.... any long-term predictions? (nt) by coreystinson
Trump is doing far more than legally challenging vote counts. He's engaging in scorched Earth tactics to undermine democracy itself. His goal is obvious: consolidate support, and weaken the institution itself.

Why have so few Republicans stood up to Trump's shenanigans? Why have avowed Tea Party members, like Jim Jordan, thrown away their integrity? You seem to be fine with Lindsey Graham trying to get GA to throw out votes. I'm glad someone is doing something about it.

It seems to be more than hand wringing.

The Rich Elect; The Poor Vote.
“Whenever someone starts quoting the bible, I know they’re full of shit. People only bring out that goddammed thing when they want to justify immoral behavior."

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