Re: Big tech liberal billionaires all putting their thumb on the scale of information

Date:2020-10-06 14:52:27
Edited:2020-10-06 15:29:21
In Reply To:Re: Big tech liberal billionaires all putting their thumb on the scale of information by coreystinson
coreystinson told Casual to eat a dick, and then said:
Joe, have you changed your personal stance on firearms ownership (from a spiritual/religious standpoint)? Not being facetious, legitimate question. I know that you've always supported it but I gathered not personally interested?
Right of self defense is a natural right granted by God. I won't change my opinion on that.

I'm still a pacifist who doesn't own guns and has little interest in acquiring. I don't see that changing.

Certainly there are practical considerations at play, but part of my move to the exurbs in the 90s was to put as many victims as possible between me and the revolution. If the shooting starts, there are also plenty of gun nuts between me and the revolution. I don't see the mob making it this far.

My friend lived along a natural crime ingress route. I don't. He also lived at the edge of the county sheriff northern limit and wasn't in a privileged neighborhood whose demographics require ongoing patrol presence multiple times per day and night to ensure favorable election results. My county is run by Republicans, and the sheriff knows where the leadership lives. I'm deep in my neighborhood. Given who we have living here, I'd expect that we'll get pre-emptive police presence. We even have a few police chiefs and captains living here.

I don't need a gun.

Our biggest threat in 20 years was the escape last year of the wild animal from Ezekiel Elliott's dad's illegal wildlife animal preserve. Damn thing barfed on one of my front porch chairs, and the posse was assembling.
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