Re: Big tech liberal billionaires all putting their thumb on the scale of information

Date:2020-09-25 09:11:37
In Reply To:Re: Big tech liberal billionaires all putting their thumb on the scale of information by Joe-×
:: Do you plan on fighting the US military and/or police
:: with all that ammo? Or what is your point?
: You're being deliberately dense to justify your
: hoplophobia.
Hahaha. No hoplophobia here (had to google it, I'll admit). The police and military actively seek out dangerous elements or defend themselves from elements actively seeking to harm them, and would require force to do so. They're regulated and trained.

:: Likewise, others can do an analysis of the risk of
:: violence being done to them by others while a
:: government system ostensibly established to protect
:: them ignores the dangers to citizens while protecting
:: only themselves and their buildings. These people can
:: make a rational decision to take action to protect
:: themselves. What's ethically wrong with self defense?
: I'm not proposing to fight the military or the police.
: Haven't you learned about strawman arguments in all
: your studies? I'm talking about personal self defense
: when the police won't come as has happen in many
: cities in the US.
:: Why do police exist? To protect innocent people from
:: criminals? What do you do while waiting? Offer them a
:: nice bowl of Æbleflæsk and try to win them over?
: Or if you live in an area where the police response is
: slow enough to put your own life in danger while
: waiting. And the police will be coming with guns.

That's the thing. I don't live my life in fear.

And just in case you want to expand on your narrative of how you perceive my question, instead of just answering it: I don't mind guns. If I lived in the US, I would most likely own one. Locked away for safety measures.

Your argument of long response times is silly to me. IF a person seeks to harm you, you're likely not the hardest target to harm unless you sit on your porch with your loaded assault rifle all day.

With that said, I will admit to the US being in a period of great unrest which I can understand would cause some concern. And I do understand any argument you would have concerning having a gun in your house would make you feel safer. But there's a long way from that to "stockpiling 5.56" ammo in the basement. We're long past the concept of self defense here. So, how many Danish axe wielders do you plan on mowing down? (good luck, us Danes have a history of being good with those)
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