None are needed

Date:2020-09-15 15:09:53
Edited:2020-09-15 16:35:28
In Reply To:What Electoral Changes Would You Make? by Nosferatwo
After Trump is re-elected and the woke riots and arson and looting escalate nationwide, a military coup will follow shortly after the election. It will initiate The Great Reset, and all this bickering about how to improve stuff will end. The new regime will simply nullify the Constitution and impose its will. Pointless sham elections in the banana republic will take place after that. Our Manchurian Candidate Kamala will tell us how they work without asking our opinion. A tyrannical technocracy masquerading as soft, benevolent socialism is coming. Voting will no longer matter. Either go along or get buried. All the adverse parties will die from vaccine side effects or will Epstein themselves or some other such nonsense. All the big money from all the various industrial complexes behind the takeover is going to Biden to make it look close and that Trump and nefarious foreign agents stole the election.

Likewise, it could go the other way, and we could have a soft and fuzzy fascist state retaining power.
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