Re: What Electoral Changes Would You Make?

Date:2020-09-12 23:40:35
In Reply To:What Electoral Changes Would You Make? by Nosferatwo
1. Public financing.

Unlikely and since the Supreme Court has declared corporations are people for funding as well as overturned other attempts to limit funding. Money is king in this country.

2. No more electoral college.

An improvement for such an out-of-date "we didn't trust the people" part of the constitution. On the surface would require a constitutional amendment. But could be done if enough States agree to provide all their votes for the popular vote winner. There is a movement to do so, but I'm not optimistic.

3. A shorter election season.

Nice but unlikely given the power of the President and the news outlets need for content, especially 24 hour news channels.

4. Democrats need to dump Iowa and New Hampshire.

It's not just the Democratic Party. The good news is no need to change any laws since this is strictly an invention of the current political parties. And political parties are not addressed in the Federal Constitution. In fact, many of the founders disliked political parties.

This would require a change within the political parties. I like the idea of a lottery to determine the order of the states in upcoming primaries. In fact, post it 10 year in advance like they do the Olympics. Not to imply the Olympics are chosen by lottery. :-) But I doubt the parties have the will or desire to change the order of the primaries.

5. Experience/Knowledge

Nice idea but impossible or impracticable. Personally, I like the idea of changing to a parliamentary system of government. The Prime Minister is chosen from within the parliament. That would at least provide experience and maybe a bias to knowledge. In other words, fellow members of the parliament are less likely to elect an loudmouthed idiot. But if they did, there's always the opportunity to quickly remove the Prime Minister. Yet this would require major amendments to the constitution and trample upon the idea of independent States organized into a Federal system.

6. Truth

Good luck with that one. Bold face lying has a deep history in this country ... and most countries. And who's going to enforce it, let alone agree about a lie.

Adding to your list:

7. End gerrymandering.

This has been done with limited success in some states. A good idea but once again, the Devil's in the details. Who and what determines the boundaries.

8. National standards for elections.

Right now every state has it's own method of voting with only a few Federal laws limiting certain obvious types of discrimination.
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