What Electoral Changes Would You Make?

Date:2020-09-12 15:14:27
Edited:2020-09-12 16:19:46
Since our system is screwed up, let's see what we would do to try to make it better. I would say;

1. Public financing. It makes no sense whatsoever to have candidates out there talking about how the lower and middle classes are struggling and need help, only to then ask those very same people to give money they don't have to fund campaigns. If we're really looking for the best candidates, nor the best fundraisers, this would help.

2. No more electoral college. This one's obvious. We've had the popular vote winner lose the election twice in twenty years, and it could conceivably happen again this year. That makes no sense whatsoever. Plus, a popular vote would actually make votes in every state matter, so we might get a wider range of issues and messages talked about. In any respect, it would at least eliminate the less popular candidate taking power.

3. A shorter election season. The run-up to the primaries takes way too long. There's no reason it needs to take half a presidential term to run for the job. Open up the field to candidates to declare Jan 1, give them two months to make their case, then have primaries in groupings from March-June. Still leaves plenty of time for the general election.

4. Democrats need to dump Iowa and New Hampshire. Those states are so unrepresentative of the party as a whole it makes no sense to give them outsized influence in who the nominee is. They didn't end up mattering this cycle, but the narrative being so driven by states that white is unhelpful.

5. Experience/Knowledge. This one can't happen, but I would like to see it changed where in order to run you need to either have experience in government, or demonstrate in some way you have the expertise on policy and procedure to be able to do the job. It's a joke that know-nothing schmucks are able to run, compete, and win the most important job in the world.

6. Truth. I would like to make it a crime to lie in political ads, or in political speeches. There is plenty of room to spin and shadow the truth without resorting to outright lying. People deserve to hear the truth, and no one who resorts to pure bullshit should be holding such an important job anyway.
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