Atlantic is owned by a liberal billionaire who gives millions to Democrats.

Date:2020-09-09 20:06:26
In Reply To:It's a relief knowing Trump supports the military, just not the losers & suckers who died in war. nt by Russ
Oh that's right. "Consider the source" used to be the liberal catch phrase for anything said by any conservative. Now it's simply, I never saw that on any of my social media, not even when you supposedly posted it. I think you made it up.

Being that Trump is a dick about everything, it's probably not entirely fake news.

All my military and veteran family members and friends are ardent Trump supporters for being the only president to have spoken the truth about Iraq. My nephew who is currently stationed in Iraq for no good reason said that if Biden is elected, he's certain that he'll have to take a crash course in barking idiotic commands and questions in Farsi.

Naturally, all the fake news except Faux will report that military and veterans overwhelmingly support Biden. Obviously, the higher ranking officers know that military engagements are necessary to advance, and Trump is depriving them of that. The drawdowns will flip the current polling. And obviously 13% won't be voting third party.
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