How about candidates campaign for the electoral college? They debate and sling mud at each other...

Author:T.J. Swoboda
Date:2020-09-05 18:08:02
Edited:2020-09-05 18:08:42
In Reply To:Our electoral system is so screwed up: by Nosferatwo
Views:82 be one of your state's electors. A couple of weeks after the early November election, the college goes into a private room papal conclave style and appoints a president.

I realize your post starts off that this isn't about the electoral college, I think it might address the problems you did discuss and give us better presidents.

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Oh mighty dictator of the spider's lair
Why are the smilies appropriate?
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Prisoners of the physical realm
Only the arms of the bear can save them now
But the ref pulls out the red card
The crab of the downward spiral eats ravioli and ejaculates corrupt Linux files
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