Re: Our electoral system is so screwed up:

Date:2020-09-01 17:35:08
In Reply To:Our electoral system is so screwed up: by Nosferatwo
I would agree with most parts of your statement. Ideally one of the few positives of a political party is to vet candidates. But you see that hasn't worked. The RNC should have flushed Trump quickly. Instead they let the dark side of the party, the extremists, rule the nomination process. Loud, controversial, racist and no government experience was allowed to achieve the nomination.

Biden isn't my first or second choice but decent and experienced is a far cry better than Trump. Personally I want to see the next generation nominated and preferably with some military experience. While not a requirement, it's a positive as the Commander In Chief.

Let's face it, the best and brightest aren't chosen or choose not to go through the meatgrinder of our politics. Don't blame them. Under Trump its only gotten worse and turned into what he wants and likes,
a popularity contest ... like just another reality TV show.

Nowadays, true intelligence, character and governing experience is considered a negative. Sometimes I think parliamentary system would be better. At least then you know you're getting experience and can more quickly change failed leaders.
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