Our electoral system is so screwed up:

Date:2020-09-01 16:29:28
No, I'm not talking about the electoral college this time, or the fact that there are no uniform federal rules for how we cast our votes (though that is stupid too). I'm talking today, after watching Joe Biden savage Donald Trump yesterday (including denouncing all violence again - credit?), about how the primary system we use to pick candidates has absolutely nothing to do with how good someone will be in the job.

Within the Democratic party, Joe Biden was not an exciting candidate. He doesn't generate buzz, he doesn't create big moments, he doesn't have any flash or sizzle. Trying to sell why he is the best Democrat is harder for him than it was for several others. He was lacking a bumper-sticker 'vision' of the future.

However, now that he's the candidate, and now that he's focused solely on Trump, he's f'n great at it. His convention speech, and his remarks yesterday, not only go point by point through all the ways Trump has ruined this country, he does so with the tone and demeanor of a president.

The very things that made Joe boring on the primary stump are what make him a perfect fit to be president. Being competent isn't exciting. Being compassionate isn't exciting. Being a calming presence in a time of crisis isn't exciting. Joe isn't exciting, but that's not what a president is supposed to be.

We would probably have much better leadership, on both sides, if we were actually screening for the qualities and qualifications important to doing the job, rather than who can generate 'excitement'.

Donald Trump was always manifestly unfit to be president. I would say Bernie Sanders is in the same category. The fact that they were ever taken seriously enough to be in the race, let alone Trump winning, is shameful.
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