Another point - is a 17 year responsible enough to handle a serious weapon

Date:2020-08-31 21:01:03
In Reply To:Kyle Rittenhouse - American hero. (np) by Joe-×
If you grew up country, you know the answer is yes.

Granted we were ignorant Appalachians, but when I grew up everyone I knew had at least one gun and free access to others. When I was 9, an uncle died. As was customary, his son took the weapons he liked best and gave away the others to nephews. I got a .22 semi-automatic rifle and a perfectly balanced 30.06 with a smooth as butter bolt action rifle. Our 7th grade science class included an 8 week session on gun training. Part of that included an optional field trip to the range on a local game lands. My recollection is that everyone went, including the girls. We were allowed to take .22 caliber rifles for the class. I took mine in a zippered canvas case on the school bus. The school provided the ammo and the ear protection. I don't understand these obviously unconstitutional laws. Part of the woke emasculation rituals.
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