Me neither

Author:Crumpet Ogler
Date:2020-08-30 23:18:58
In Reply To:Not even sure where to begin with this by squarooticus
* AR-15s specifically are *fantastic* home defense weapons because the ballistics of the 5.56x45 round make it unlikely to penetrate walls.
This is pure deluded fantasy. Defense from what? Alien realtors? Do you seriously expect anyone to believe that if someone was to break into your house in the middle of the night, you would jump out of bed (wearing your camouflage pyjamas no doubt, because remember kids, always be prepared), steathily make your way to your locked gun cabinet (because you're a responsible gun owner, not like Adam Lanza's mom) and then put a few clips into the perpetrator (who is at this point still unaware you've woken due to your ninja skills, acquired via watching the films of Sho Kosugi on VHS), not only stopping him in his tracks but also not leaving any marks on the drywall?

JFC. Hello, hello, anybody home? Think McRose, think!

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