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Date:2020-08-30 19:27:17
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squarooticus told Casual to eat a dick, and then said:
The long-term solution is to rethink policing fundamentally. Examples include:

* Remove some/most things from the purview of PDs, instead giving them to agents who aren't authorized to use force. This will reduce encounters with police, which will save lives.
* Improve hiring and training. Screen out more of the bad actors. But this isn't a 100% solution, just as "eliminate racism!" is a hopeless fantasy. That means adjusting incentives:
* Eliminate qualified immunity. Make police officers individually and departments collectively responsible for inappropriate use of force.
* Require private liability insurance for individual police officers. Incentivize PDs to fire bad cops.
* Reform (or, better yet, eliminate) police unions.
* Institute elected public oversight of PDs and police policies.
* Dismantle and rebuild problematic PDs from the ground up to have a culture focused on preserving basic order/peacekeeping and helping people rather than one focused on citizen compliance.
* End the drug war and start treating drugs as a health issue, not a criminal justice one.
One big addition to this list of good suggestions is:
* Repeal 1033 and demilitarize the police.

I think there'd be broad bi-partisan support for eliminating the APCs and stormtrooper gear. SWAT deployments need rolled back to less than 1 per day in entire USA like the stats were the 70s. The violent crime rates of the early 90s that led to the militarization have fizzled out.
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