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Date:2020-08-30 17:17:54
Edited:2020-08-30 17:25:19
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I don't mean to. It's a semantics thing.
Stipulated. I'll try to remember this.
When you use the word 'neutered', it has a certain connotation. Police departments refusing to do their job isn't what I would use that word for. Neutered, to me, would mean someone is stopping them from carrying out their role. Police not doing their job I would call abdication, not neutering.
They're two sides of the same coin. Police are abdicating responsibility because they are being told they can't do things they perceive as necessary for their safety. Whether that's true or not is beside the point: it's only necessary for PDs to *perceive* that they are being thrown under the bus for this to happen.

The long-term solution is to rethink policing fundamentally. Examples include:

* Remove some/most things from the purview of PDs, instead giving them to agents who aren't authorized to use force. This will reduce encounters with police, which will save lives.
* Improve hiring and training. Screen out more of the bad actors. But this isn't a 100% solution, just as "eliminate racism!" is a hopeless fantasy. That means adjusting incentives:
* Eliminate qualified immunity. Make police officers individually and departments collectively responsible for inappropriate use of force.
* Require private liability insurance for individual police officers. Incentivize PDs to fire bad cops.
* Reform (or, better yet, eliminate) police unions.
* Institute elected public oversight of PDs and police policies.
* Dismantle and rebuild problematic PDs from the ground up to have a culture focused on preserving basic order/peacekeeping and helping people rather than one focused on citizen compliance.
* End the drug war and start treating drugs as a health issue, not a criminal justice one.

How does this relate to the rest of the thread? None of this is going to happen before November. It is playing with fire turning law and order into an election issue at this point. That means Biden taking it off the table by at the very least taking a strong, vocal stand against rioting and looting and talking about that at every turn. He should throw the extreme defund-the-policers under the bus if he has to and start promoting realistic and reasonable approaches to the issues of excessive use of force and killings of unarmed people while insisting that the rioting stop immediately.
I don't disagree with you that they should be doing a better job of keeping control. But that means not thanking armed vigilantes on the streets, and finding a middle ground between doing nothing and violently beating protesters. That seems to be a struggle for a lot of departments right now.
Again, longer term this makes 100% sense. But where and when the police aren't doing their jobs, something has to fill the void. People need to defend themselves and their livelihoods. It isn't ideal, but doing nothing is not a valid option for those affected.

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