Re: I disagree with Joe on a lot these days, but...

Date:2020-08-30 15:43:51
Edited:2020-08-30 16:49:02
In Reply To:Re: I disagree with Joe on a lot these days, but... by jhallum
jhallum told Casual to eat a dick, and then said:
untrained people to wander the streets carrying AR-15s, and you get exactly the opposite behavior you are looking to promote, some semblance of peace.
Since the looters were shot, things have become peaceful in Kenosha. Strange how that worked out.

But let's re-examine your implied premise that only trained police officers should be patrolling the street.

On Sunday 08/23, trained police who'd been issued police grade firearms were called to a domestic dispute. Police attempted to subdue and arrest the subject of the complaint. The subject resisted and ran away. The trained officials shot a man running away seven times in the back. It wasn't self defense, and the excessive use of force was completely unjustified. If he had a clip with 30 bullets, he would have shot Blake 30 times.

On Tuesday night, a 17 year old kid working at his job in Kenosha was hired by a property owner to protect his business from a second night of arson and destruction. Kid borrowed a crap ass $400 gun. Early in the evening, the local police gave the kid a bottled water and expressed appreciation for him and his armed group being out there. Long after the curfew and later in the night, the group was attacked by a mob. Shots were fired while Rittenhouse was being chased. When assailant #1 grabbed Rittenhouse, he turned around and shot him in the front in self defense. An angry mob chased Rittenhouse down the street and attacked him again. In the melee, one attacker grabbing at the gun was shot in the chest and killed in self defense. Another pulled a gun and was shot in the arm. The mob continued shooting at Rittenhouse after he walked away. He didn't return fire. Minimal force. All in self-defense. All under direct attack. And his crap ass gun jammed in the middle of it. As he's lying on the ground, he is assessing who is attacking and who is running away. He doesn't shoot at anyone running away. He's only using deadly force to save his own life.

Trained officer stupid and employed excessive force in a panic even though he was not being attacked. Kid calm and only used the force necessary to preserve his life under attack.

Yes, just anecdotal. And both are probably outlying exceptions. But in Kenosha, looks like a 17 year old kid handled his situation better than the trained police officer handled his own.
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