Re: I disagree with Joe on a lot these days, but...

Date:2020-08-30 14:20:42
In Reply To:Re: I disagree with Joe on a lot these days, but... by jhallum
I dunno, do you want to encourage people to wander the streets carrying AR-15s? Because not prosecuting this guy encourages untrained people to wander the streets carrying AR-15s, and you get exactly the opposite behavior you are looking to promote, some semblance of peace.
If the police won't protect them, what do you expect them to do?

These people having their lives destroyed by rioters taking advantage of the cover of "protest" to do the only thing they're good at—destroying stuff—have the right to band together to defend themselves and their livelihoods. No, that doesn't necessarily apply to this kid, but we're well beyond the specifics into broad generalizations at this point.

"You bandits don't just die quickly, I mean, example: This one guy in New Haven, cities burning, people dying left and right, yada yada yada, and this jackhole rushes me with a spoon. A frickin' spoon. And I'm just, dying laughing right? So I just scoop out his eyeballs with it and his kids are like, 'waaah', he can't see where he's going, bumping into stuff, maybe you just had to be there. Anyway, the moral is, you're a total bitch." - Handsome Jack

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