Re: Kyle Rittenhouse - American hero. (np)

Date:2020-08-29 15:35:22
In Reply To:Re: Kyle Rittenhouse - American hero. (np) by Kevin Madden
The system stood down and allowed rioters and looters free reign over multiple cities. The inevitable solution to this problem was to meet it with equal force. The system had to speak to the mob in its own language. Sadly, the system did not. The burning cities are all run by week kneed liberal democrats whose sense of guilt and shame over their failure to improve the lives of poor blacks and they all took a knee. BLM is a violent Marxist organization determined to destroy America, but Black Lives Matter is a principle around which all decent people should rally. The righteous anger of black activists to march in the streets and demand real social change provided the ideological cover for evil people to infiltrate and hijack their cause. Clearly organized anarchists and nihilists swept in to destroy cities, and they and not the mostly peaceful protesting blacks have done the bulk of the damage. These groups have attracted felonious thugs to participate in the mayhem. Rosenbaum is a convicted child sex offender who was out on bond for recent domestic abuse. Probably beating the same woman in the lovely family photo. Huber the skateboard guy is a convicted felon who tried to strangle someone and was facing his own domestic abuse charges. Probably smacking around the same woman in those lovely family photos. Gaige Grosskreutz was a member of the People's Revolution Movement of Milwaukee and had a misdemeanor record of use of a firearm while intoxicated. And though he claimed he had driven the 50 miles from Milwaukee to help people, he brought a gun. I have quite a few family and friends who are actual licensed paramedics and none of them take a gun to the job. The media is trying to white wash the criminal records of the victims and portray the kid as a nutbag white militia member to advance their biased narrative to aid Biden. Video is readily findable to show that all three shootings by Rittenhouse were in self-defense. The New York Times admitted as much. The kid is going to walk. He didn't do anything wrong, not even transporting a weapon over state lines. Compare the crap gun he is holding in Kenosha with the crap gun he is holding in his social media pictures. They're different. Sure, they're both modded plinking rifles that cost about $400, but they're not the same gun. He borrowed a gun from a Wisconsinite after getting to Wisconsin. The entire media narrative about the kid is a malicious lie. Same as the smirking MAGA kid attacking the harmless native American hoax from a couple years ago. Sorry, but you've been duped. This kid IS a hero. He stood up and defended civilization against thugs after the system had failed.
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