Re: Unlike Nixon...

Date:2020-07-27 15:19:19
Edited:2020-07-27 15:49:32
In Reply To:Unlike Nixon... by squarooticus
the economy and stock market would probably still be roaring
It was going along no better than the last three years of Obama's term. Trump didn't do jack, other than cut taxes for rich people.

Ex: Obama's last three years created more jobs than Trump's first three. 8.1 million to 6.6 million

Ex: "Growth has ticked up slightly under Trump, to 2.5% during his first three years. That's well below the 4% Trump had promised but a bit better than the 2.4% average growth rate during the last three years of Obama's time in office."

Trillions is new debt to pass economic bills that slowed job growth, and created .1% more GDP growth.

And Trump is viewed as the savior of the economy. Americans are stupid.
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