Unlike Nixon...

Date:2020-07-27 14:53:53
Edited:2020-07-27 15:00:26
In Reply To:Like Nixon, he wants to be the Law and Order President by 5150
Trump is utterly incompetent and talks like a fool. It's hard to compare.

Trump was basically playing President on easy mode for the first 3 years of his term, and likely would have been reelected by a significant margin if there were no pandemic, because the economy and stock market would probably still be roaring: even now, polls indicate that likely voters trust the GOP over the Democrats on economic issues.

Those aren't the issues of the day, though. The moment a crisis occurred and real leadership was needed, Trump was doomed.

"You bandits don't just die quickly, I mean, example: This one guy in New Haven, cities burning, people dying left and right, yada yada yada, and this jackhole rushes me with a spoon. A frickin' spoon. And I'm just, dying laughing right? So I just scoop out his eyeballs with it and his kids are like, 'waaah', he can't see where he's going, bumping into stuff, maybe you just had to be there. Anyway, the moral is, you're a total bitch." - Handsome Jack

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