Anyone watch any of the socially distanced sports last weekend?

Date:2020-05-20 13:11:26
I didn't watch any of the NASCAR race, but I don't imagine it would have made too much of a difference. Between the noise of the engines, and the close-up shots of the cars, the fans aren't vital to the tv presentation.

I did watch the golf event. That was rather interesting. I did notice the limited number of cameras meaning there were some shots you would expect that they missed, but overall it worked as a tv event. The only thing we were missing was a couple seconds of applause every few minutes. But that came along with knowing there were no fans there to save terrible shots, like there are in normal weeks. Seeing the players have to fend for themselves as their own caddies was fun. Tiger is doing one of his own this weekend, which I'll be watching too. At least the four of them should have more personality to fill the silences.

Oh, and there was also cornhole on ESPN. Makes me long for the days when they used to show billiards.
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