Re: Coronavirus in Trollland. (<--I just invented an English word with a triple letter)

Author:Troll's Hole
Date:2020-05-03 08:13:54
In Reply To:Coronavirus in Trollland. (<--I just invented an English word with a triple letter) by T.J. Swoboda
People are dumb and this will be very quickly forgotten the second it's convenient to. Here in Sweden where people have been asked to use common sense and to take personal responsibility instead of forcing full lockdowns, immortal extroverts are not using common sense or taking any personal responsibility the second the sun pops out for a second. And that's in the least social country in the entire world. Just imagine what the fucking Italians would do!
My understanding is Sweden went with the Boris Johnson fuckit protocol. It wasn't nearly as catastrophic as it would have been almost anywhere else, but a few old people still got drawn for tribute. As someone who actually lives there and stuff, is that what happened?
I don't know dude, all I know is that the death rate is a lot higher than in the neighboring countries and that I keep seeing idiots crowding together like they're in India or some shit.

You simply cannot allow people to take responsibility for themselves. There must always a be a strong, dependable government that tells people what to do, or everything will collapse. Right Kyle?

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