Re: Who actually thought Brady would wind up with the Bucs?

Date:2020-04-23 13:44:45
Edited:2020-04-23 19:38:51
In Reply To:Who actually thought Brady would wind up with the Bucs? by Nosferatwo
I'm a Bucs fan from back in the Sapp/Alstott days, and I never for a second thought it was going to happen... until it did. It made all the sense in the world, but no one ever wants to go to Tampa.
Who cares? He's at the end of his career. It's not like you're getting 24 yo Tom Brady.
And now Gronk is down there with him. They're going to be the most interesting team in the league, and make for a fascinating comparison.
Gronk is still a big, stupid man who can run fast (edit: through other players) and catch balls. I think the end of his career comes from an injury.
If they don't pull a QB out of thin air, I'm not sure how Brady doesn't come out ahead of Belichick over the next two to three years.
That might be true, but (a) that is less of a reflection on the value of aging Brady/Gronk than it is on the problem of importing a new QB into an existing system, and (b) it might not: don't underestimate Belichick.

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