Date:2020-11-20 23:00:22
Edited:2020-11-20 23:49:15
In Reply To:... so about Trump's attempts to form an autocracy.... any long-term predictions? (nt) by Russ
He'll end the long traditions of healing the nation by conceding and inviting the elect President to the White House.  He'll refuse to be quiet and let Biden govern for at least a few months without daily tweets and speeches.  He'll continue to hold rallies, now called Fraud 2020 and sale all manner of crap to the followers.  On January 21st he'll blame Biden for all the COVID deaths since March 2020 as well as the unemployment rate.  But he'll take all the credit for the vaccines that he believes he personally created. He'll takeover OANN and continue to spread rumors and conspiracies.

I keep hoping this narcissistic demagogic will get kicked to the gutter like Joseph McCarthy. But his followers are willing to burn it to the ground.

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