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Date:2020-10-13 16:22:01
Edited:2020-10-13 16:25:47
In Reply To:You're right, stand-your-ground was the misguided law I was thinking of (nt) by 5150
In fact, the visual evidence makes it clear that Keltner, who was wearing a T-shirt with a slogan that mocked the Black Lives Matter movement, initiated the violence that led to his death.

Taken together, the video and photographs of the incident show that Keltner first got into a heated confrontation with a counter-demonstrator in a “Black Guns Matter” shirt as he left the rally. After another conservative separated the two men, Keltner, a 49-year-old Navy veteran who made cowboy hats, appeared to take exception to two other men who were observing the argument at close range: the reporter for Denver’s NBC affiliate, 9 News, and Dolloff, the bodyguard provided to the station by Pinkerton security.

What led Keltner to strike Dolloff in the head, knocking off his cap, remains unknown, but Helen Richardson, the photojournalist, wrote on Instagram early Sunday morning that “the two exchanged heated words, the patriot hit the man in the face, then backed up to spray what looked like pepper spray at him. Literally in that split second the man who had gotten hit by the patriot pulled out a gun from his waistband and shot the patriot.”

Dolloff was working as a security guard when he was assaulted by a rabid right-winger who went after him, and the reporter he was protecting. Lee Keltner assaulted Dolloff, then grabbed an industrial-sized bottle of mace. Two guns were found at the scene. If Keltner is the owner of the other gun, this will be tossed out of court quickly.

You don't have to retreat in Colorado.

"The Defendant, if he did not provoke the assault, is not obliged to retreat or flee to save his life, but may stand his ground, and even in some circumstances, pursue his assailant until the latter has been disarmed or disabled from carrying into effect his unlawful purpose, and this right of the Defendant goes even to the extent, if necessary, of taking human life."

Idrogo v. People, 818 P.2d 752, 753 (Colo. 1991)

Unlike Kyle Rittenhouse, it looks like Dolloff has an excellent chance of being acquitted.

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