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Date:2020-11-12 23:28:44
Edited:2020-11-12 23:41:24
In Reply To:Election outcome by squarooticus
In 2016, Hillary had no ground game. Other than some fat opera singer in Alliance, Ohio ripping Trump signs out of people's yards.

The Democrats learned from that. This time the ground game was centered completely around (legally) harvesting ballots from unlikely voters. And with no enthusiasm for Biden, that population was extensive. Black voter turnout was going to be non-existent this election for the usual reasons and let's not get into that. It is what it is. Democrats knew that and weren't being the least bit racist either by confronting the reality with substantive action.

The Covid lockdown restrictions made the job easier when states expanded from traditional requested absentee ballots to bulk mailed mail-in ballots. They only had to be smart and operate up to but not beyond legal limits. Republican wackadoodle conspiracies about secret blockchain watermarks written in unicorn blood aside, fraud is too easily detected.

In essence, the entire job was getting to the voters before the Trump people did. Which was easy, because the potential Trump harvesters were all out spreading Covid at rallies and driving monster trucks with giant flags on highways instead of collecting votes.

The Democrats could run phone banks that did push poll canvasses to identify some chunk of sure-thing targets and then send the foot soldiers out to find the rest. And they knew where to go. It's not too hard to sniff out a probable (but maybe) Trump voter and move along to the next house in order to weed out unfavorable votes.

The Republicans got beat fair and square and need to quit whining about it. They were so out of touch with the reality on the ground that they weren't even aware of what the Democrats were doing. Yes there are pockets of obvious bias in some precincts where somebody may have stupidly violated election rules about observers and political materials. Yes some idiot mail delivery people threw boxes of mail into ditches, but disgruntled government employees do that even outside of election season.

There's no systemic fraud. Republicans are only looking like morons chasing down something that doesn't exist. Even if it did, and they went in search of the evidence, there are limitations to that. It may not be possible to mate the mail-in ballot with the envelope two weeks after the election. Republicans need to take a sample of mail-in / absentee voters in every precinct where they suspect fraud to have taken place (being reasonable about that because well... sore losers tend not to be) and then go to the voters and ask them - did you vote for Biden. If they all say yes (and they will, doh! Democrats Are Not Stupid. Keep repeating the mantra), then take the loss like a man and move on. The problem is that Republicans would rather go talk to a man in a black robe than a man in a black skin - so they won't debunk their own stupid assumptions about what happened. It's stupid really. Surely, they all have token Democrat friends on their social media like me. Go through their posting history for the last 4-6 months. For the ones who are active in elections, it will become crystal clear what happened. Outgamed.

Turnout wins elections. The Democrats figured out an alternative way to drive that percentage up pretty close to 100%. They outsmarted the Republicans.

And in many of the swing blue firewall states, the Republicans control the state legislatures and write the election rules/law. They could have written laws to block mail-in voting other than absentee. They could have written laws to block election boards from creating pop-up vote harvesting tents. They could have written laws to prevent selective "helpfulness" in driving voters to collection locations or post offices.

Republicans squandered their chance to do this. In Wisconsin, a think tank pointed it out. The legislatures failed to act. Even now, the Republicans won't change any of the rules even though they have the legislative power to do so. There's too much political cost to it. Other than Trump, what imbecile wants to campaign on the "I want to prevent voters from voting" principle.

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